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Aviation Careers

Aviation careers are as varied as the men and women who choose to become pilots. Trained pilots work in a variety of environments, including these:

  • Major commercial airlines pilot
  • Regional airlines pilot
  • Commercial freight pilot
  • Corporate / business pilot
  • Private pilot
  • Agricultural flying 
  • Banner towing / aerial advertising
  • Fire fighting 
  • Medical evacuation / air ambulance
  • Government services including, FAA, BLM, NASA, Homeland Security
  • Scenic tour 
  • Law enforcement
  • News broadcasting
  • Flight instruction
  • Highway patrol
  • Search and rescue
  • Aircraft salesman/delivery pilot
  • Airshow stunt 
  • Air taxi 
  • Oil rig transport
  • Geological survey
  • Aerial photography

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Many aviation careers require additional flight hours above and beyond what this program provides.