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FAA Medical Exam

Getting your First Class FAA Medical Exam
The FAA First Class Medical Exam is an Admissions requirement for all Aviation programs offered by Charter College.  We want to ensure that all students who start the aviation program will not be limited in their career choices due to a physical or mental limitations imposed by FAA Regulations.
What does the FAA First Class Medical Exam Cover?

Medical Certificate

Class I


Distant Vision

20/20 in each eye, with or without correction


32 inches-panel

20/40 with or without correction


Near Vision 16 inches

20/40 in each eye, with or without correction


Color Vision

Colors necessary for safe performance of airman duties



Conversational voice at 6 feet with both ears, or audiometry


Blood Pressure

No standard. If medication required, will need cardiovascular workup. Current guideline maximum is 155/95.


EKG Electrocardiogram

At age 35, and yearly after 40



No disease causing vertigo or disturbance of speech or equilibrium

For a full list of health conditions that may impact the issuance of the First Class Medical, please click on this link
How do I find an FAA-approved Medical Examiner?
The FAA website has a list of approved examiners in your area.  The list is found at:   Please choose the Designee Type of AME to find the correct type of examiner.  When searching by location, please remember to click on the First Class AME box.  Only certain physicians are approved to perform examinations for this requirement.
How long does it take to schedule an exam?
This depends on where you are in the country and how many examiners are located in your area.  The best idea is to find your FAA-approved Medical Examiner and make an appointment as soon as you can!
What does it cost to get a First Class Medical Exam?
The FAA does not set the fees that an Aviation Medical Examiner may charge for the examination.  Prices will vary upon your location.  Students can expect a fee of $100-$200.  Insurance coverage is dependent upon your insurance policy.  Please check with your provider for additional information.
The information provided on this sheet is a summarized version of the information provided by the FAA to the public via the and websites.