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Charter College Aviation Sponsors STEM Activities at Carson Airport Open House

July 15, 2016

Charter College Aviation team members recently teamed up with Carson Aviation Services to teach young people the science of flight during the Carson Airport Open House, held June 18.

With an emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) activities, Charter College Aviation staff members worked with young people to teach them the four forces of flight:

  • Thrust: They made balloon rockets to travel on a length of string to see how fast they would go.
  • Drag: They put a paper plate on the front of the balloon rocket to see how air resistance slowed it down.
  • Lift: Kids blew air between two suspended balloons, and were surprised to see the balloons move toward each other instead of away. The lower air pressure causes this and that is how lift is created by wings.
  • Weight: Young people made paper airplanes and flew them, and then added weights to try again to see if that affected the distance they moved. They then moved where the weight was attached to see if that changed anything.

The young participants also had the opportunity to create an anemometer (a common weather station instrument) out of cups and straws to measure wind speed.

“We probably had 300 kids come through our area that day,” said Charter College Aviation’s Kyle Beebe. “We had a fun time helping them with their experiments and everyone left with a Charter College Aviation temporary tattoo.”

Charter College Aviation offers pilot training through partnerships with select FAA Part 141 fixed wing and helicopter flight training schools, including Carson Aviation Services, preparing pilots for FAA certifications and ratings with rigorous bachelor and associate degrees curriculum. For more information, visit