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Kyle Beebe Presents at Northwest Aviation Conference

February 21, 2017

On February 24, Charter College Aviation’s Director of Aviation Kyle Beebe will be presenting at the Aviation Career Forum, which is part of the Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show in Puyallup, Washington. Charter College Aviation will also have a table to provide interested students with information about its aviation degrees.

Beebe will be speaking on the value of “blended learning,” where students earn academic credits online while attending flight school classes with partner airlines. This innovative approach offers students flexibility in their schedule while providing the most effective learning model, according to a U.S. Department of Education study.

Beebe was instrumental in establishing Charter College Aviation, after talking with flight schools throughout the country and determining there was a need for a partner agency to provide the academic side of the aviation education. “Our mission has always been to help people find careers doing something they love,” he said. “The demand for pilots is growing every day, so we knew this was a field that made sense for us.”

Beebe facilitated partnerships with select FAA part 141 flight schools across the country to offer flight students the option of earning a bachelor’s or associate degree in aviation. The flight schools offer ground school and general flight instruction they need to be prepared to earn a variety of FAA 141 licenses while Charter College provides students with the aviation and general education courses to earn their degree.

As Beebe points out, the bachelor’s degree is important for students who want to work as a pilot at a major airline, as most of the legacy airlines (United, Delta, FedEx, etc.) won’t even talk to them without it. The Charter College Aviation approach to education allows student pilots to get their training and degree done much more quickly than at a traditional school.

Charter College Aviation has partnerships with many Washington-based flight schools, including: Avian Flight Center, Bremerton; Northway Aviation, Everett; Aero Maintenance, Vancouver; and Snohomish Flying Service, Snohomish. 

“We love Washington and we’re excited about all of the students we’re already helping achieve their goals here,” he says. “We would love to do that for even more potential pilots!”

Charter College is a private, independent institution of higher education, providing students with a career-focused education in job fields that include health care, business, information technology, aviation and select trades. Charter College operates college campuses in California, Washington, Alaska, Montana and New Mexico and operates an online program. Details on Charter College’s aviation program are available at or by calling 877-862-3484.